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 A.    History and Mission
As the first of its kind, the Department of MIS at NCCU was established in 1984, leading and leaded other national universities in Taiwan. The undergraduate program of the Department was expanded has enrolled students into two classes of 80 students since 1991. The Department inaugurated itsWith the graduate master’s program in 1992 and the doctoral program was in set in 1992 and 1996, ; it has been one of the most complete and excellent educational institutes for nurturing MIS professionals.  Recently in 2012, it formally divided its graduate program in to and the both business and technological technology series clusters was provided in 2012. Today, it is planning for international graduate degree programs., the Department of MIS NCCU has been one of the most excellent institutes to nurturing and educating. There are about 343 undergraduates, 89 graduate master students, and 63 doctoral students in this Department at present. Former Department chairs include:
 Dr. Tzu-Yen Wu (1984-1986)
, Dr. Chien-Chih Yu (1986-1987, 1987-1990)
, Dr. Shrane-Koung Chou (1990-1993)
, Dr. Jiann-Min Yang (1993-1996)
, Dr. Woo-Tsong Lin (1996-1999)
, Dr. Rua-Huan Tsaih (1999-2002)
, Dr. Heng-Li Yang (2002-2005)
, Dr. Soe-Tsyr Yuan (2005-2008)
, Dr. Eugenia Huang (2008-2011)
, Dr. Chun-Lung Chen (2011-2014)
, Dr. Li, Yu-Zen (2014-2017)

, Dr. Shiaw-Chun Shang (2017-2020)