Notice for graduate students applying to extend their stay in the dorms through 2017

  • 2016-04-20
I. Eligibility:
A. Graduate students living in the dorms that have not surpassed the maximum stay as stipulated by the
university may apply.
B. For students that have served on the Dormitory Services Committee and have received an evaluation
score of 80 or higher, please apply at the Student Housing Service Section (on the 3rd floor of NCCU
Administration Building) for your extension.
C. The following students may not apply to extend their stay through 2016 fall semester:
1. Ph.D. students who began their stay in the dorms during or previous to the fall semester of 2012 and
have lived in the dorms for 8 semesters.
2. Master's students who began their stay in the dorms during or previous to the fall semester of 2014
and have lived in the dorms for 4 semesters.
3. Foreign ,Overseas Chinese Graduate Students and Mainland Chinese Students that have lived in the
dorm for the first year at NCCU and have never received an undergraduate or graduate degree from
a Taiwan college or university must take part in the dorm lottery for the second year.
II. Application methods:
Please proceed with online application. Path: 「iNCCU 愛政大」(
→「校務資訊系統」→「校務系統WEB 版」→ 「學生資訊系統」→「住宿服務」→
「學生宿舍申請」→「碩博士班 105 學年宿舍續住申請」。
III. Application period:
We will be processing applications from 0:00 of May 11 to 23:59 of May 16, 2016. Late applications
are not accepted, we will assume you do not need to continue your stay in the dorms.
IV. The extension application of the dormitory stay is for the coming 2016 Fall semester. The residence for
the summer break is not included. The application for summer vacation is from May17 to May 20, 2016
. For all students who did not apply for the summer vacation, or those who have applied yet have not
paid for the summer dorm fee, please move out before 12 pm on June 30, 2016.
V. Graduate students who are not applying for the summer vacation should move out of the rooms
according to the dormitory regulation. The room (including your closets) should be cleared of
personal items and cleaned. In order for the summer camp students to move in, please do not use a
padlock on the door when moving out. Anyone who does not clear the room according to the regulation,
the items will be disposed of and the dormitory deposit will not be returned.
VI. The dorm fee will be listed in the tuition for graduate students who have already applied for
continuing their stay in the dorms. If you then decide to cancel the dorm, please fill out the application
form ( ) for leaving the dorm and submit it to the Student Housing Service Section as
soon as possible , or will be charged for waiver application.
Student Housing Service Section