Dissertation Proposal Defense Submission-Lynn S.L. Chiu

  • 2023-01-03
  • 蘇安可
  • DBA
Dissertation Proposal Defense Submission
Dissertation Title: Strategies to Attract Multi-Homing Customers into Dynamic Fintech Ecosystems- A Case Study of Multiple Digital Payments
Name: Lynn S.L. Chiu
Student ID: 109356505
Instructor: Dr. Shari S.C. Shang
Proposal defense committee members: Dr. SE-HWA WU
Dr. HSIN-LU CHANG, Dr. HAO-CHUN CHUANG, Dr. Chih-Hung PENG & Dr. Wen-Nang Tsan 
Time: (01/06/2023 09:30~11:30)
Place: College of Commerce 9F Room 912-2
民國  111    12  28