Conference Paper

Year Paper Title
2017 Grant K. J. Huang*;Johannes Kuo-Huie Chiang, 2017.12, 'RegTech Evolution: The TrustChain, ' The 17th International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB 2017), Knowledge Park & University of Wollongong in Dubai.(EI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
2017 Che-Chuan Hsu*;蔡瑞煌, 2017.10, 'The study of the awareness-vision-transformation process of B&M organizations in the information technologies era, ' e-Learning, e-Management and e-Services (IC3e), 2016 IEEE Conference on, IEEE, pp.182-187.(IEEE)(*為通訊作者)
2017 Shin-Yin Huang*;Ya-Yun Prng;Fang Yu, 2017.09, 'A Parallel Majority Learning Algorithm for Anomaly Detection, ' the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (IEEE DataCom 2017), IEEE Computer Society.(DBLP, IEEE, CITESEEN)(*為通訊作者)
2017 楊亨利*;林漢洲, 2017.08, '結合ARIMA及SVM之股價指數預測模型, ' 第二十三屆海峽兩岸資訊管理發展策略研討會, 西安思源學院.(*為通訊作者)
2017 Johannes K. Chiang*, 2017.08, 'Sentimental Analysis on Big Data, ' 第23屆海峽兩岸資訊管理發展與策略學術研討會論文集, 中華民國資訊館學會,中國西安交通大學, pp.1-6.(*為通訊作者)
2017 張欣綠*;龔又嫻, 2017.07, 'A Study of Gender Differences in Preferences of Tourism Facebook Fanpage Posts, ' Proceedings of the Pacific-Asia Conference on Information Systems 2017, AIS.(*為通訊作者)
2017 Shari S. C. Shang*;Yi An Tsai, 2017.07, 'A Study of the Emerging Role of Information Technology in Autonomous Car, ' IEEE-2017 7th International Conference on Circuits, System and Simulation, University of Greenwich, UK.(*為通訊作者)
2017 邱顯庭*;林我聰, 2017.06, '考量回收價格與回收品質及回收數量之關係的逆物流最佳化分配模式, ' 2017第九屆南區管理碩士論文研討會論文集, 台南應用科技大學.(*為通訊作者)
2017 Chun-chi Hsu*;Yuan-ting Fang;Fang Yu*, 2017.05, 'Content-sensitive Data Compression for IoT Streaming Services, ' 2nd IEEE International Congress on Internet of Things, IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Services Computing.(DBLP, IEEE)(*為通訊作者)
2017 Chiao-Yi Cheng*;Yao-Hung Lin;Fang Yu*, 2017.05, 'Adaptive Social Network Services: The Practice of 9EMBA.COM, ' IEEE Proceedings of the 1st IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing, IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Services Computing.(DBLP, IEEE)(*為通訊作者)