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Job Title Associate Professor
Year Paper Title
2019 鄭光廷;林怡伶*, 2019.09, "從資訊覓食理論探索消費者對於電子商務網站推薦系統 的點擊行為, " 電子商務學報, pp.1-24.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者), 424930
2019 林怡伶*;Denis Parra;Christoph Trattner;Peter Brusilovsky, 2019.02, "Tag-based information access in image collections: Insights from log and eye-gaze analyses, " Knowledge and Information Systems, pp.1-28.(SSCI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者), 424929
2018 Shih-Yi Chien;林怡伶*;Pei-Ju Lee;Shuguang Han;Michael Lewis;Katia Sycara, 2018.06, "Attention allocation for human multi-robot control: Cognitive analysis based on behavior data and hidden states, " International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, pp.0.(SSCI, SCI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者), 418880
2017 I-Han Hsiao*;林怡伶, 2017, "Enriching programming content semantics: An evaluation of visual analytics approach, " Computers in Human Behavior, pp.1-10.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 413281
2016 林怡伶*;Peter Brusilovsky;Daqing He, 2016.09, "Finding cultural heritage images through a Dual-Perspective Navigation Framework, " Information Processing & Management, Vol.52, No.5, pp.820-839.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 413280
2015 林怡伶*;Christoph Trattner;Peter Brusilovsky;Daqing He, 2015, "The Impact of Image Descriptions on User Tagging Behavior: A Study of the Nature and Functionality of Crowdsourced Tags., " Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Vol.66, No.9, pp.1785-1798.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 413282
2013 Pelechrinis, K.*;Zadorozhny, V.;Kounev, V.;Oleshchuk, V.;Anwar, M.;Lin, Y., 2013, "Automatic Evaluation of Information Provider Reliability and Expertise, " World Wide Web Journal, Vol.18, No.1, pp.33-72.(SCI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者), 418244
2011 林怡伶*;Peter Brusilovsky;Daqing He, 2011, "Improving Self-Organising Information Maps as Navigational Tools: A Semantic Approach., " Online Information Review, Vol.35, No.3, pp.401-424.(SCIE, EI, DBLP, SCI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者), 418245
2008 Li, X.*;Chen, H.;Dang, Y.;林怡伶;Larson, C. A.;Roco, M.C., 2008, "A Longitudinal Analysis of Nanotechnology Literature: 1976-2004, " Journal of Nanoparticle Research, No.10, pp.3-22.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 418251
2008 Chen, H.*;Roco, C. M.;Li, X.;林怡伶, 2008, "Trends in Nanotechnology Patents, " Nature Nanotechnology, Vol.3, No.3, pp.123-125.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 418250
2007 Li, X.*;林怡伶;Chen, H.;Roco, M.C., 2007, "Worldwide Nanotechnology Development: A Comparative Study of USPTO, EPO, and JPO Patents (1976-2004), " Journal of Nanoparticle Research, Vol.9, No.6, pp.977-1002.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 418252
Year Paper Title
2020 Luo, J.*;林怡伶;Chien, S., 2020.09, 'Exploring the role of media richness to information disclosure, ' IEEE International Conference on Human-Machine Systems, IEEE.(*為通訊作者)
2020 Sun, C.;Chan, Y.*;Chien, S.;林怡伶;Hsiao, I., 2020.05, 'Preschool safety education with digital media-based learning application-Kinder., ' HCI International, HCI International.(*為通訊作者)
2018 林怡伶*;Huang, W.;Liang, P.;Tung, C., 2018.06, 'An integrated Web-based system for MEDLINE analysis: A case study of chronic kidney disease., ' Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems,, AIS.(SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
2018 林怡伶;Lee, M.*;Hsiao, I., 2018, 'An exploratory study on programming orchestration technology., ' Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems,, AIS.(SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
2017 林怡伶*;Tsai, S., 2017, 'Empower social influence by linking the social opinion to social network., ' Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, AIS.(*為通訊作者)
2016 Yang, Y.-C.*;林怡伶;Chao, W. S., 2016, 'A structure-behavior coalescence method for Human-Computer Interaction system requirements specification, ' HCI International, HCI.(*為通訊作者)
2016 Hsiao, I-H.*;Kumar, S.P.G.;林怡伶, 2016, 'Semantic visual analytics for today’s programming courses., ' The 6th International Analytics & Knowledge Conference, University of Edinburgh.(SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
2016 林怡伶;Chung, C.-Y.*;Kuo, C.-W.;Chang T.-M, 2016, 'Search tactics of images’ textual descriptions., ' American Conference on Information Systems,, AIS.(SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
2016 林怡伶*;Chung, C.-Y.;Kuo, C.-W.;Chang T.-M., 2016, 'Modeling health care Q&A questions with ensemble classification approaches., ' AMCIS, AIS.(SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
2015 Yang, Y.-C.*;林怡伶;Chao, W. S., 2015, 'An architecture-oriented design method for human-computer interaction systems, ' HCI International, HCI.(*為通訊作者)
2014 Chang, T. M.*;Hsiao, W. F.;林怡伶, 2014, 'LDA-based group document recommendation., ' Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, AIS.(*為通訊作者)
2013 Brusilovsky, P.;林怡伶*;Wongchokprasitti, C.;Britell, S.;Delcambre, L. M. L.;Furuta, R.;Chiluka, K.;Cassel, L. N.; Fox, E., 2013, 'Social navigation support for groups in a community-based educational portal, ' International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, TPDL.(*為通訊作者)
2012 Trattner, C.;林怡伶*;Parra, D.;Yue, Z.;Brusilovsky, P., 2012, 'Evaluating Tag-Based Information Access in Image Collections, ' 23rd conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, ACM.(*為通訊作者)
Project Category Year Project Title Participator Job Title Period Unit
MOST Projects 107 微時刻推薦系統設計(3/3) LIN YI-LING Principal Investigator 2020.08 ~ 2021.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 107 微時刻推薦系統設計(2/3) LIN YI-LING Principal Investigator 2019.08 ~ 2021.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
Other Projects 107 大專院校教學實踐研究計畫-用於程式設計教學整合之創新評量生態系統 LIN YI-LING Principal Investigator 2018.08 ~ 2019.07 Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan)
MOST Projects 107 微時刻推薦系統設計(1/3) LIN YI-LING Principal Investigator 2018.08 ~ 2021.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 106 以主題式方法建構線上保健Q&A問題之模型及視覺化 LIN YI-LING Principal Investigator 2017.08 ~ 2018.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 105 透過程式學習者搜尋策略建構學習模型 LIN YI-LING Principal Investigator 2016.08 ~ 2017.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 104 以健康保健Q&A社群為主之推薦回復者機制 林怡伶 計畫主持人 2015.08 ~ 2016.07 行政院國家科學委員會
MOST Projects 104 以健康保險Q&A社群為主之推薦回復者機制 LIN YI-LING Principal Investigator 2015.08 ~ 2016.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 103 以雙觀點導航架構提升圖像的可查性:眼動追蹤用戶研究 LIN YI-LING Principal Investigator 2014.05 ~ 2015.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 103 以雙觀點導航架構提升圖像可查性: 眼動追蹤用戶研究 林怡伶 計畫主持人 2014.05 ~ 2015.07 行政院國家科學委員會
Country Degree Duration
UNITED STATES Ph.D. 2007.09 ~ 2013.12
Experience Category Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Current NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY 資訊管理學系 副教授 2019.08 ~ Up to today
Current NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY 資訊管理學系 助理教授 2017.02 ~ 2019.08
Experience 中山大學 資訊管理學系 助理教授 2014.02 ~ 2017.07
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Outside School 108 2019台灣服務科學學會學術研究獎 碩士組佳作 台灣服務科學學會
Inside School 108 教學優良獎 國立政治大學資訊管理學系
Outside School 108 2019年全國大專校院智慧創新暨跨域整合創作競賽 電商與金融科技組 佳作 教育部
Inside School 107 教學優良獎 國立政治大學資訊管理學系
Inside School 107 學士班英語專業績優課程 國立政治大學
Inside School 106 優良數位學習課程 國立政治大學
Inside School 106 教學優良獎 國立政治大學資訊管理學系
Inside School 105 院教學特優教師 國立政治大學商學院
Inside School 105 學士班英語專業績優課程 國立政治大學
Outside School 104 溫世仁新苗獎 台灣服務科學學會